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High and Low Pressure Lifting Bags and Recovery Cushions

Sometimes you need a better way to lift...
Powermats are heavy duty, high pressure lifting cushions designed primarily for lifting heavy objects in emergency situations.

Sometimes you need to stabilize...
Stak Jaks have a flat inflated profile for stabilization and lifting and are inflated with air to quickly stabilize or lift heavy objects. Standard compresed air or breathing air systems can be used to inflate them making them ideal for use in rapid response emergency situations.

Recovery Cushions safely upright trucks with soft sided trailers and prevent secondary rollover when uprighting.
Soft pressure minimizes damage to the load. The wide footprint works in mud, snow, ice, gravel or sand.

Stak Jaks:

The quickest and safest way to stabilize a precarious load.


For lifting objects in emergency situations up to 100 tons.

Recovery Cushions:

Low pressure Airlift cushions for the recovery of vehicles and aircraft.

Pipe Plugs and Packers for Point Repair and Pipeline Rehab

Pipe Plugs: Vapo pipe stoppers U, PU and PU–F are effective for quick and reliable sealing or bypassing storm sewers, sanitary sewers, drainage systems, pipelines, and culverts. They are mainly used for repair and maintenance work, hazmat containment and for leak testing with water or air. They are typically used in municipal water systems, construction, civil engineering projects, agriculture and industrial factories.

Vapo pipe plugs are made of reinforced rubber. Wide temperature operating range:(-22°F to 180°F) -30 °C to +80 °C The basic series consists of 28 standard types in sizes to fit all common pipe diameters. All pipe stoppers are pressure-tested at 130% operating pressure.

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Packers: Our new flexible packer replaces previous LONG and FLEX packer designs with a single solution. The packer is a sectional repair method for all types of drainage pipes. This new design combines greater reinforcement with ease of use for an effective all-in-one solution.

Snap on/off wheels can be quickly and easily removed. Highly flexible internal bypass simplifies the insertion of the packer when facing applications where access is limited, while providing strong support when pushing the packer along the pipe. The bypass lock with its protected thread allows you to configure the packer for bypass or non-flow use. Product weight has been reduced through the use of new lighter materials, simplifying handling and transport of larger packers.

Ice, Stranded Animal, and Swift-Water Rescue Products

Lift & Recovery Cushions Powermats Stak Jaks Pipeline Rehab Products Water Rescue Hazmat Suits Accessories